As seen on the Ammar Experience Tour!

Step Into the Ring with One of the Most Powerful Utility Items To Date!

TKO is a brand new utility device created for the serious magician. Vanish small objects instantly, and produce them effortlessly. Transform an average trick into a clean and extremely deceptive piece of magic. Roll up your sleeves, and step into the ring. This is the TKO by Jeff Kaylor!

Imagine Being Able To…

  • Vanish a coin or virtually any small object you can hold in your hand. Completely gone. Exactly as it would look if you were doing real magic.
  • Have the ability of the Topit, without having to wear a jacket.
  • Begin and end completely clean, with sleeves rolled up!
  • Do incredibly visual transpositions of small objects.
  • Switch coins easily for mentalism effects, such as coin bends.
  • Clean up nearly any close up coin trick that uses gimmicked or extra coins or cards.
  • Do a one handed coin vanish into the spectators palm, with no magnets or pulls.
  • And so, so much more!

Take Note…

  • No Pulls, No Magnets, No strings, No coat, No Sleeves, No Problem!
  • High quality construction.
  • The TKO lies dormant, and completely undetectable until you need to use it.
  • Great for all skill ranges because there are some effects based on misdirection, and others where the spectators can burn your hands and still see nothing!
  • The TKO real world utility device and is a real magician fooler!
* What You'll Get *
  • T.K.O. utility device.
  • DVD.
What People Are Saying:

"No strings, no magnets, no sleeves, no coat, no problem... just powerful magic."
- Michael Ammar

"Like the raven... without the raven."
- Justin Kredible

"One of the most incredible utility devices I've ever seen!"
- Marc DeSouza

"It fooled the hell out of me. I had to have one!"
- Eric Jones

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List Price: £59.95
Price: £34.95

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 May, 2013


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